Through our Learn Program, FWR keeps up to date on priority challenges and strategies, so that we can be a resource for watershed residents, businesses, and municipalities. We are a partner in state and regional watershed planning projects.

FWR volunteers take hundreds of water samples from dozens of spots in the headwaters and capital area each summer to test for pollutants like E. coli and phosphorus.

FWR works with schools to incorporate watershed studies into the science curriculum, and to make school campuses greener. Projects have included:

  • making rain barrels in art class,
  • planting pollinator gardens,
  • teaching stormwater curriculum units,
  • training teachers to use model stream table,
  • planting trees & shrubs along streams
  • stream table demonstrations

You can Learn about the Winooski River and Watershed through the many resources available in this section of our website. For information about the history of the River and its tributaries visit the Winooski Watershed General Information page. Find out about our instream and stormwater outfall monitoring on our Water Quality Monitoring page.  Learn how to be good watershed stewards by exploring our Landowner Resources and Stormwater Resources

Learn about our watershed's priority challenges and solutions described in the Winooski Tactical Basin Plan. The Tactical Basin Plan is in the process of being updated, with a new five-year plan to be available in 2024. You can learn more about the planning process from DEC's website

Learn about the condition of the river and its tributaries as they go through your community, or even your backyard, by checking out the Stream Geomorphic Assessment or River Corridor Plan for your area: click here for a folder of plans.