Get Involved

Friends of the Winooski River ran as a primarily volunteer organization for the first 10 years of its existence. We have a rooted tradition in volunteer-driven restoration projects. We're always interested in meeting new people who want to help our rivers. 

Read our Annual Appeal Letter for news & inspiration

Donate: Individual donations provide the foundation for everything we do. Although our larger restoration projects and outreach initiatives are largely grant-funded, we need a base of unrestricted funding in order to develop new projects, write grant proposals, and maintain our organization. 

Volunteer: We love to provide opportunities for watershed residents to connect with service to our watershed. Each year we have water quality monitoring and riparian tree planting volunteer opportunities in addition to special events and projects.

Events: Throughout the year we sponsor and participate in a variety of events to connect our watershed residents with our land and water.

Email Alerts: We keep in touch via email newsletters. Recipients should expect to receive about ten messages per year. 

Suggestions: The Winooski watershed is an area of over 1,000 square miles and keeping tabs on that area is a huge task! If you have suggestions for projects that might be of interest to our organization or if you know of areas that could use protection, please get in touch.