Our Goal is a Clean, Healthy, Resilient Winooski Watershed.

We want to engage people who live, work, and play in our watershed to learn about the challenges to the river, and help us work to solve some of those challenges, and celebrate the progress that we make. 


Working For Your Rivers

The Friends of the Winooski River needs your help to build our capacity to restore and protect the waters of the Winooski Watershed.

I love the Winooski River! Every season of the year, I can find beautiful places along the river that take my breath away. It's the water of life for those of us lucky enough to live in her watershed.

Jeanne, Burlington


Tons of trash removed from the Winooski River


Habitats improved


Water quality samples analyzed


Trees and shrubs planted

August 12th
06:00 pm to 10:00 pm

River of Light

Heineberg Bridge Access

Get your friends and family together to start planning your lighting scheme for the 5th-not-exactly-annual River of Light: Paddling by the Light of the Moon. We will meet at the Heineberg Bridge Access (on the Colchester side of the Rt 127 bridge over the Winooski River) at 7:00 PM. Participants will leave their boats and drive their cars to the Colchester Point Fishing Access. There participants will organize self-shuttles to come back to the put in. The goal is to launch at sunset and paddle the 2.5 miles to Lake Champlain.

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September 10th
08:30 am to 11:30 am

River Cleanup Montpelier

39 Main St., Montpelier, VT

The Friends of the Winooski River will be holding its annual river clean-up, and volunteers are needed to help remove trash at several sites on the North Branch and Winooski rivers. We’ll meet in front of Montpelier City Hall at 8:30 and walk or carpool to the cleanup sites from there. We are also in need of volunteers to help move canoes and tires before and after the event, so please contact us if you're able to help with those. Wear appropriate clothing for walking in rivers and along river beds, shoes that can be worn in rivers, and bring gloves if possible. Snacks and water are also recommended. Anyone under 18 needs to be accompanied by a guardian.

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River News & Information


Slow the Rain, Montpelier!

A lot of the conversation about the health of Lake Champlain focuses on agriculture, so it isn't surprising that many people don't realize that one acre of developed land -- roofs, driveways, streets -- can shed more 

Oct 11 2019

Sponsor our Paddle Program

Do you love to get out on the water? We have three paddling events this summer, and we're seeking Sponsors. We have been sponsored in the past by Ben & Jerry's, Concept2, Seventh Generation, and many

Oct 11 2019

Water Wise Woodlands

Whether you have 5 or 500 acres of woodland, you can help prevent flood damage and produce one of Vermont’s most important forest products—clean water!  Healthy woodlands can absorb, 

Oct 11 2019