Onion River Race and Ramble Classes

River Ramblers – not timed:
(Non competitive, open to any boat) A general category in which anyone can participate. This class is also for any boat with more than two canoeists or for contestants entering a watercraft that is not considered a canoe, kayak, or paddleboard. Want to paddle but not compete? This class is for you!

Racing Classes – the following classes will be timed:

Youth and Family
A tandem class with both paddlers between 16 to 18 or one adult with a child age 12 or older.

C2 Men Racing
Two men; canoe length can be up to 18' 6"

C2 WomenRacing
Two women; canoe length can be up to 18' 6"

C2 Mixed Racing
One man and one woman, canoe length can be up to 18' 6"

Kayak/Solo Canoe Man Racing
One man, kayak/canoe.  This class is for men in longer boats (generally longer than 14’) who are ‘serious’ racers.

Kayak/Solo Canoe Woman Racing
One women, kayak/cav would like to be in a timed, competitive class.   

One participant propelling a stand-up paddleboard of any length.

Golden Class-Solo
Paddler is 65+

Golden Class-Tandem
Both paddlers are 65+